About the TEAMS/AmeriCorps Fellowship Program

Teacher Education for the Advancement of a Multicultural Society (TEAMS) is a collaborative of schools and community based organizations, led by the University of San Francisco (USF), which provides resources, support and preparation for educators who want to work in our neediest schools and are committed to diversity, equality and excellence in education. TEAMS was established in 1998 by the USF School of Education, the Multicultural Alliance, and K-12 schools in the San Francisco Bay Area to address the critical shortage of teachers of color in Bay Area urban schools. When the Multicultural Alliance closed in January 2000, USF assumed a leadership role in TEAMS with the objective of developing educational leaders to shape a multicultural world with creativity, generosity and compassion.

TEAMS/AmeriCorps Fellowship Program

The TEAMS Fellowship Program provides academic, professional, financial and social support to aspiring K-12 teachers and school counselors in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Seattle regions. Fellows are enrolled as AmeriCorps members and receive education awards, mentor support, academic and career advisement, and professional development training. Through the Program at USF or other TEAMS Partners In Higher Education, Fellows complete their credential programs while gaining hands-on experience and providing service through job placement in a public school. Service is emphasized through Service Learning Projects that are completed by each fellow with the assistance of our Mini Grant Program.